Suicide, my love, isn't the answer.

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gingervevo asked: omg what even do you mean with fave ship

You know the titanc

gingervevo asked: Hey, I'm Nadine (: I don't even have a favorite color and my favorite ship is.. the titanic hehe, no idk it's so hard to choose! My favorite ice cream flavor has got to be anything with chocolate really. And sadly no, I do not have a cat :( But I would reaaally love to! Cats are awesome ♡


always-fighting-darkness asked: Who are you: My is Rebecca but people call me Becca
 Whats your favorite color: Sorta like an Ocean Blue Favorite ship: PewdieCry Favorite ice cream flavor: Cookies and cream Do you have a cat: I do and I love her to death


what-i-go--to-school-for asked: Who are you; my names Abbie, it's such a bad name, I know :/
Whats your favorite colour; black Favorite ship; so hard to pick ughh Favorite ice cream flavour; mint chocolate chip Do you have a cat; I have two :'))

Hush thats not a bad name silly

Anonymous asked: Hello, my name is Rosie, and I do not like answering questions about myself. But I am rather fond of you. :)

Rosie is such a cute name omg

Anonymous asked: Post a selfie?

Ugh why