Suicide my love, is not the answer.

Okay tomorrow i will wake up and make gifs because i have nothing better to do. Pls tell me good videos to make gifs of. thnx

  -  20 August

How do i become lolita

Anonymous said: I feel really restless and anxious rn and I'm not sure why or what to do idk:(

Help Anxiety (please note: it is alright to let an anxiety attack come to you so it doesn’t happen later on because feeling your emotions instead of avoiding them is one of the best ways to help you get through things and help yourself.)



The best therapeutic way to stop anxiety attacks is guided meditation. Found here (an example of how to meditate)


Breathing is one of the most important ways to help anxiety of all sorts. Don’t tell me it’s not working because you have breathing problems because it works even if you have breathing problems. You can walk, sit, run, listen, pee, & just about anything else. Video (explaining how to breathe to help stop anxiety, yes meditative breathing)

If you can’t do these things because you’re in school you can try to scribble on a piece of paper. Even make your hand in to a fist tighten it and then relax it and feel it relax, continue to do this. Other things that relax you such as taking a bath helps also.

EMDR therapy can also help. Drawing an “8” or infinite sign on paper, watching a fish swim in a fish tank is what EMDR is like. Follow the tip of your pencil when you do this. 

Here’s another example of EMDR(found below). Tell yourself it helps you. But only move your eyes and focus on only moving your eyes. It helps relax you a lot. 


Anonymous said: Who's your best friend?

Her name is Hannah. Her tumblr is…


Anonymous said: :D that's awesome!! Did you do something new with your hair? It looks very different :o

Awhile ago i did yes

  -  19 August

Anonymous said: how've you been doing lately? (I used to follow you but unfollowed because I was trying to be positive and recover and stuffs) also thanks for not changing your URL!!!! :D

Ive been alright i got signed on to do a photoshooot for like 3 businesses

Anonymous said: Either massage your nut or masturbate. When you cum the nut will contract and twitch and hopefully the pain will go away then.

Contract and twitch